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Alessandro Grespan grew up in the venetian countryside of Treviso, Italy. His career in videomaking started stealing his father's old Hitachi Hi8 videocamera at the age of 12 to film his dog chasing its tail. When asked why did he film a thing that made no sense, he said that it would make sense, if you made a video out of it.

Surprised by the answer, his father took a decision: putting the videocamera on a taller shelf.

He got a degree in International Economics in his spare time, but he is currently working between London and Rome as a copywriter and director, keeping himself busy with some videos, dogs chasing their tails and other stuff.
Since 2013 he is a proud member of ZERO, a collective of pirate filmmakers.

He usually doesn’t talk about himself in 3rd person, it’s just this website thing.

Roma Web Fest - Best Mockumentary 2017 for "Grazie al Klaus"
Roma Web Fest - Best Screenplay for “Lo Staggista” 2016 (with ZERO)
WIRED Next Cinema - Winner ultracorti 2014
NC Awards - Communications Ambassador 2014 (with ZERO)
Festival del Web Marketing 2014 - Best campaign (with ZERO)
Festival della Pubblicità Corretta - Best digital campaign (with ZERO)

Mercedes Smart / DLV BBDO
CNA /Nouvelle Ads
Star Saikebon / DLV BBDO
Poste Italiane / Micromegas
Nestlè Maxibon / JWT
IBM Europe / Livextension
Lay's Italia / Tribe Communications
Thomas Cook
Suzuki Italia / Tribe Communications
P&G - GIllette
Vidal Sassoon
United Colors of Benetton / Fabrica
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Alessandro Grespan

Copyright © 2017
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Copyright © 2017
Alessandro Grespan                                                                                                         

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